Living Life One Step at a Time

Woman running in sunset - lifestyle blog ItsMyLife4If there's one word we could use to describe our everyday lives, it would be busy.

Between work, managing our family, friendships, and all of life's responsibilities, it's hard to find extra time in your day to find a little time for yourself! We're always juggling something; from a bombardment of notifications, ever increasing pressures and priorities, or any other noise that can make us lose sight of the little things we want to do. All of which add up over time.

With all of these pressures and commitments, it is easy to forget what makes life amazing. This is why we started this lifestyle blog, as a reminder to focus on the little things that are important. We want to offer tips and tricks to help make life a little easier, with an additional focus on stories that speak to our silly side, our sweet side and our serious side.

After all,  it's my life for laughing. It's my life for fun. It's my life for fitness and it's my life for getting down to business. It's my life for all these things, and more. Join us as we explore all of the things that make life amazing.

A Lifestyle Blog Tailored to Your Life!

How can you make your life more enjoyable, and less hectic? There's a saying runners use when talking about doing a half marathon -

"It's a 5K, just with a 10 mile warm up."

We like to take inspiration from this saying as we find a new way to tackle age old issues. Parenting and fashion, recipes and home improvement, or any thing else that might strike our fancy; you will find in this lifestyle blog. We want to tackle the issues that every woman faces and find new ways to look at them.

From health, to fitness, entertainment, and things that are just plain interesting - it's your life for living well, and we're want to help you explore and enjoy every moment of it!