St. Louis Collision Repair Plan: Five Steps to Get You Back Onto the Road After an Accident

image of a crash car in an intersectionAs a driver, you do everything right. You buckle your seatbelt before you put your car in drive. You might even look on so you know what accidents have occurred in your area and also so you know where to go if you get into an accident. You look left-right-left before crossing an intersection. You make sure you never go five miles per hour over the speed limit.

But sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to prevent an accident from happening; they are accidents, after all. There are loads of different accidents as well, bike, truck, car or pedestrian. That’s why typical law firm practice areas span across so many different sections. There will always be a lawyer for your type of accident.

So what happens when your primary mode of transportation has been ravaged by an unexpected crash? You need a St. Louis collision repair plan!

Five Steps to Get You Back Onto the Road After an Accident

1. Safety is Priority #1

Directly after an accident has occurred, it is completely natural for you, the driver, to be a bit frazzled. Your heart beats faster as adrenaline pumps through your veins. Your head may even feel a bit foggy as you come to grips with what just happened. Your accident might not even have just been a car accident, it might also have involved pedestrians and that might be something that is shaking you. Or it could be the other way round, as in you are a pedestrian who has been involved in an accident. If this is the case then you should check out something like this website to give you a better idea of what step to do next.

And as you begin to process that you have been involved in an accident, it’s imperative for you to take stock of the situation.

First, assess yourself. In the heat of an intense moment, you may not immediately realize if you have been injured or not. As a result, try not to move too hastily until you have confirmed you are okay.

Next, assess your surroundings. Your crash may have left your automobile stranded at the center of a busy intersection. If your vehicle is still mobile, ensure it is quickly moved away from passing traffic, thus keeping yourself and other drivers safe from further accidents.

2. File a Traffic Crash Report

There are many benefits to filing a traffic crash report immediately following your automobile accident, especially if the event involved another driver. Serving as a formal record of the event, these reports…

– Help facilitate the insurance claims process with your auto insurance company.

– May expedite any insurance payout on your claim, since fault and accident details will be easier to determine with the report.

– Provide official details of the event for an attorney, if your accident escalates into a court case.

The Department of Motor Vehicles further stresses the importance of filing a traffic crash report for the following reasons:

– Injuries may not become apparent for a few days or weeks.

– You may not notice all of the damage to your car immediately.

– The other party may make false claims about the car accident later.

– The other party may admit fault to you but change his mind as time passes.

You may file an official traffic crash report by following the directions outlined here.

3. Towing my way?

Depending on the severity of the accident, your vehicle may not be in a safe enough condition to drive home or to a collision center. As a result, it is wise to call upon towing services to carefully transport your vehicle to its next destination.

4. Choose a Reputable Auto Body Shop

There are many auto repair shops spread throughout the St. Louis area, and while the location nearest to your accident may seem like a logical conclusion to send your vehicle to, this isn’t always the wisest choice. You want to ensure your repair is performed quickly, yet properly.

Shur-Way Auto Body prides itself on providing quality collision repair that’s also economically friendly. In fact, this family-owned establishment was the first St. Louis collision repair outfit to offer a water-based automotive painting solution. To learn more about Shur-Way’s eco-conscious practices and dedication to premium auto collision services, click here.

5. Involve the Insurance Companies

Depending on several factors – including who was at fault for the accident, the cost of repairs, and your insurance provider’s deductible rates – you may or may not wish to invoke insurance benefits to help you repair your vehicle. Don’t forget to consider getting yourself a lawyer as well, you could take a look at someone like the Nehora Law Firm. If another driver was at fault for your accident, he/she may actually be held liable for your bill. Regardless, before any work is completed on your vehicle, ensure you know how the work is being funded.