How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell: The Importance of a New Paint Job

When it comes to getting your home ready to sell, one of the most important elements is appearance. Not only should a home be in good repair with a maintained yard, it should have fresh paint inside and out. While some take the task personally and want to save money by doing it themselves, the value of hiring professional house painters in St. Charles MO, such as SNL Painting Inc, cannot be overstated.

Going with a professional company not only ensures the work is done properly, you can rely on them being insured against accidents and provide a warranty on their work. Selling your residential property can be a stressful time, especially when you are in the phase of getting ready for the market. There are a few key areas to focus on when it comes to touching up, like wanting to make sure the whole of your exterior and roof is cleaned professionally to improve the aesthetic and increase viewing pleasure and interest in your house for sale, visit or other cleaning services if you’re thinking it would be a wise choice.

The Exterior Should Look Its Best

The first impression to potential buyers is curb side appeal. If a home has a paint job that is faded at all or could use a good wash, it can potentially turn away buyers. Outside of brick exteriors, steely gray tones to muted beige shades are popular choices for the St. Charles, MO area and are often recommended by real estate agencies for their ease of upkeep and neutral tones. However, the real focus of the exterior should be the front door installation. Choosing a tone that compliments the exterior seems the most obvious choice, but this is in fact a bad idea. It’s an easy and very common mistake to make. Look instead to match it with the trim and the window shutters (if you don’t have any, then be sure to add some at this point) in order to provide a complimentary contrast to the exterior. Once any walls are painted, you might also want to consider boosting your property’s curb appeal by investing in some new siding from a James Hardie supplier like

The Interior Should Be Flexible

The goal of getting a home ready to sell should be to make it look newer, well-kept, but it should also be flexible. Use neutral and warm tones to encourage potential buyers to feel welcome in both the home as well as to make changes. If possible, avoid brighter shades of white when painting larger areas, and if at all possible. These tones can be too sterile-looking or hard to keep clean.

While most professional house painters in St. Charles MO and surrounding areas can manage any range of painting, from light to dark and vice versa, it is overall easier to leave walls neutral so that potential buyers get a sense of being able to start anew with color schemes and d├ęcor.

Important Notes to Keep When Shopping For Painters

At the top of your list of questions, one should always ask if the company is insured and its workers bonded. The latter is especially important if the painting is to occur with valuables on site. Having both of these conditions can give you peace of mind that allows you to focus on other important things.

Next, ask about grantees and warranties, these can also add value to the home in that should it be sold while under warranty, the new owners could feel more assured in their purchase.

Lastly, for quotes, make sure you get every detail in writing. You may also inquire about additional services offered aside from painting, such as drywall work and power washing. If possible, hiring a company that offers more than just painting can be a cost effective means to getting your home looking its best.