Living Life One Step at a Time

Woman running in sunset - lifestyle blog ItsMyLife4If there’s one word we could use to describe our everyday lives, it would be distracted.

Between social media, managing our family, friendships, and work lives, it’s hard to find extra time in your day to be a little more productive or to find time to do something you’ve been wanting to start! We’re always juggling a bombardment of notifications, priorities, and other noise that can make us lose sight of the little things we want to do, which add up over time.

With that in mind, we cordially welcome you to our lifestyle blog that focuses on these little things – a distraction from the distractions so to speak, with useful tips and articles that can help you live your life more comfortably!

A LifeStyle Blog Tailored to Your Busy Schedule

How can you make your life more enjoyable, and less hectic? There’s a saying runners use when talking about doing a half marathon –

“It’s a 5K, just with a 10 mile warm up.”

If we take our goals and divide them into smaller, easier to swallow pieces, it makes the goal seem more attainable, and gives us more confidence. We adapt that same inspiration and take content and great ideas from all over the web, and present them into simple, bite sized chunks for you to enjoy on a regular basis.

Everything from health, to fitness, entertainment, and things that are just plain interesting – it’s your life, and we’re here to help you explore and enjoy every moment of it!